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Health & safety policy

A Health and Safety Policy is a document outlining how health and safety in your workplace is developed and maintained. This safety policy is a working document, which will help you to clarify responsibilities and further develop safety procedures and so the safety of your workers.

The policy also helps you to communicate your safety procedures to others, for example sub-contractors.
Typically the policy contains:
  • A Statement of Intent
    This should include a brief description of the business, its aims and who has overall responsibility. It must also highlight the business's commitment to health and safety. The person who has overall control of the business, for example the Managing Director, must sign and date this part of the document.
  • Organisation
    An outline of who's who throughout the organisation, their roles and responsibilities, the management structure, if appropriate, and who has responsibility for health and safety, such as a health and safety representative, fire marshal or first aider.
  • Arrangements
    Detailed policies, procedures and assessments.
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