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Employment mediation and counselling

Conflict at work costs companies thousands of pounds every year in lost hours (sickness), reduced output through arguments. What is not understood is the lasting damage conflict at work can cause, not only to those involved but to everyone.

A tense atmosphere in the workplace will cause stress, which reduces peoples effectiveness, increases mistakes, and creates fear. Where a Company fails to deal with conflict the relationship of trust with it’s employees is badly damaged, often forever.

Good, effective communication throughout your Company is the most effective way to avoid misunderstandings which can lead to conflict. It is also the basis of good management.

ESA can provide your Company with a range of solutions to meet your particular need.

We will help you develop a communication policy and support you implementing it across the Company. We offer training for Managers to enable them to communicate effectively. For senior managers or Directors we can also provide qualified coaching to develop their personal effectiveness.

If a conflict has arisen, whether it is between two individuals or involves a group of employees, then we offer Independent Mediation. We will also provide individual support in the form of Employee Counselling where it is needed.

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