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Legal requirements

The law has become ever more complex in the area of employment regulation. Although the Government, and organisations such as ACAS, publish a great deal of useful documentation and guidelines, in practice this has often served to confuse employers further.

Forward thinking organisations realise that investment in HR is a requirement for a motivated workforce, but still need a cost-effective solution.

It is not legally mandatory to have policies that cover all areas, however without policies in the key areas the law may fall back on default provisions or indeed reverse the burden of proof. In the event of a claim this could mean that you would have to prove that you did not act in a certain way, rather than an employee show that you did.

This is where the experts at ESA can help you. For a low annual fee based on wageroll, the ESA Business Support Package provides you with everything you need, from a state-of-the-art HR system to advice to insurance. And if you are a small organisation you can choose a simple package to complete yourself.
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