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Human resource training

Our experienced consultants are able to offer training in all aspects of HR. We can advise and assist you with your requirements and tailor the courses to your specific needs. Course lengths vary from as little as a couple of hours to a number of days.

Below are examples of some of the areas in which we provide HR Training.

Employment Law Workshop
A practical, hands-on, training session in a workshop environment. This two day course will provide directors, managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills required to deal with employment law issues.
2 days
Absence: Conduct or Capability?
A practical guide to assist directors, senior managers and supervisors in dealing with absence issues from persistent short term absence to long term absence.
1 day
Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
This course covers how to identify the issues and the relevant policies and procedures that you will need to have in place. It also covers the implications of not dealing with these issues.
1 day
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
This is an interactive, workshop based training course which will improve the way in which conflict is managed thereby improving relationships. We look at individual responses to conflict, using a self-analysis tool. Participants will also have an opportunity to practice effective mediation techniques to help with conflict resolution.
1 day
Equality and Diversity
This is a course aimed at senior managers to be carried out following discrimination training. The course will equip senior managers with the ability to promote and manage equality in the workplace.
1 day
Atypical Workers: The Current Position
This course provides an update of the position regarding casual workers, agency workers, temporary workers and self employed. It is an essential guide for anyone involved in employing atypical workers and the potential pitfalls to be aware of when dealing with such workers.
1 day
Foreign Workers and Immigration: Are You Compliant?
A legal update course for those staff involved in recruitment. This is an essential course to ensure your business is legally complaint in a difficult and complicated area.
1 day
Employment Tribunal: Practice and Procedure
This course covers tribunal procedure and process as well as a practical guide to presenting your claim from submitting your ET3 to witness statements to presenting your case. It will provide the practical assistance required to deal with and defend any claim.
1 day
Participants will have an opportunity to practise drafting job advertisements, job descriptions and specifications. This course also provides hands on interview training and the documentation required on appointment.
1 day
Redundancy: The Facts
This is a practical and pragmatic one day course with a legal bias. It covers the initial planning and business rationale, both individual and collective consultation requirements, redundancy selection criteria and process as well as possible alternatives to redundancy.
1 day
A legal update one day course on TUPE outlining the current legal position and relevant case law. It will equip directors and senior managers with the knowledge to identify when a TUPE situation may occur and the legal requirements relating to employees of both the out-going employer as well as the new employer.
1 day
Discrimination and Equal Opportunities
A practical guide to discrimination for all employees covering sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age.
1 day
General Employment Law Overview
This one day course is an essential starting point for directors and senior managers. The course provides a practical, pragmatic guide to employment law from recruitment to dismissal. It covers all procedural requirements and a commercial approach to dealing with the needs of your business.
1 day
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
This practical guidance details the procedural requirements for dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues as well as an overview of recent changes.
1 day
Being a Family Friendly Employer
A course aimed at directors, managers and supervisors who have day to day management responsibility. This is a practical course which covers all areas of family friendly legislation including relevant legal updates. It will equip managers with the ability to address statutory requirements and identify areas of concern.
1 day
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