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What we offer

Initially we will assess your particular needs and suggest whether and what sort of mediation will be most suitable. Most situations will be addressed using our model of mediation which is designed for use where there are two parties in dispute. This mediation usually lasts one full day. There are usually four or five meetings during the day as well as a pre-mediation stage.

The process is structured and designed to create a safe environment in which individuals are able to communicate openly and honestly. The mediator enables parties to identify, consider and discuss their own and each other’s current and future needs. This usually leads to everyone gaining an increased awareness and understanding of the underlying causes of the conflict, of themselves and achieving empathy between the parties.

At ESA we understand that it can be both difficult and tiring, for all parties, throughout the process of resolving workplace conflict. However, our experience shows that the benefits of resolution can have very positive effects on, not only the individuals involved in the conflict, but the whole working environment.

There are no set formulae for how mediation should end. Every situation is different and what is needed may be different depending on the circumstances. It is important that parties have the opportunity to start talking again and that they agree what they want to happen in the future. What happens afterwards may include:

  • An action plan to be monitored by parties for a specific time.
  • Future mediation involving other people or a whole team conference if there is conflict within a team.
  • An agreement or memorandum of understanding outlining how the participants will interact in the future.
  • Consideration of training and development issues or supervision and coaching needs.

Any outcome will be put in writing for participants to consider, keep and follow. After an agreed period (usually one month) the mediator will contact participants to establish how the case has progressed.

We also offer a confidential telephone and email support service for up to one year after the mediation. This will be discussed during the joint meeting.

As experienced mediators, we will support each party every step of the way. By listening carefully to what each party has to say, we will encourage parties to talk about their problems constructively and safely. We will not make judgments or determine who is right or wrong. Instead, we will maintain a neutral and impartial approach throughout the process and support parties before, during and after mediation.

During mediation, we work with everyone involved in a conflict situation to explore the parties’ underlying issues, needs, goals and expectations. We apply a series of safe and constructive approaches to help the parties listen to one another and we support them as they identify areas of commonality and difference. We often describe mediation as an attempt to build bridges. In many respects, this is true, as mediation helps people bridge the gaps which remain unresolved in workplace conflict.

Importantly, all our work is confidential. This is one of the guiding principles of our work and we take it very seriously. If you want to discuss any aspect of our mediation model or any aspect of our service, please feel free to contact us.
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